Skills and training


Near ending the Architecture and Urbanism college of University of São Paulo (FAUUSP), known as the best Architecture college in Latin America, my English speaking skills are intermediate, but with advanced listening, writing and reading knowledge. About the software, over those four years, I developed advanced knowledge in Photoshop, InDesign, SketchUp and AutoCAD and Revit, intermediate knowledge in Illustrator and V-Ray and even basic knowledge in Premiere and After Effects.




I'm looking for new experiences and professional challenges in the technologic field of the Architecture and Urbanism, where we are qualified to work in any field of Design too. I believe that being near to the graduate, an exchange would be great not just for the learning and applied knowledge, it can be a big opportunity to work in an office and offer my services to a not theoretical purpose. Developing and improving my skills, I'm searching for a chance to work on a project where ideas come true. With my academic abilities, plus the familiarity with software and easy learning,
I can guarantee my utmost dedication for concluding a high-quality project.

About the international experience, I want to work and study in another country at the line of work of Architecture, Design or Construction, It would allow me an extraordinary contact with all elements that I've already learned, as so would do the exchange of social and cultural experience. Furthermore, the actual visit to a country allows an analysis of urban environment, in loco, that's an experience that can only be achieved by an exchange. I'm willing to, as I've done in my University, dedicate and do my best to learn and produce whatever the office demands, so while I'm there, I can contribute with all my own knowledge in the office as all my knowledge can contribute to the office.



2015 until 2016: Developing a manual about Natural Lighting for the CIE Eletrobras project

In February 2015 I started as a scientific researcher in the project under the orientation of
Tch. Dr. Paulo Scarazzato, at the subject of lateral natural lighting in buildings, which was based on technical literature and, with software, the 
Manual of Good Habits in Lateral Natural Lighting. I was responsible for all the text writing, diagramming, creating illustrations and relating them to the text, and I created a color system for the three main subjects of the Manual. Link
for download of the Manual PDF (in Portuguese):

2012 until Today: Intern at GRC Arquitetura

Even before starting the College, I've already worked and had a great interest in the area of design and architecture. In these 4 years working in the office, I assisted entire architectural projects
and design developing. So experience in creating graphic material, manual and digital ones, and good relationship with group work.